To make it easier for you to understand the process behind our customizing, here are few FAQs answered. These are some of the questions that we get from our clients often. Hope this helps.

What do we do?

Well, we pen poetry (or narratives too) for every occasion, be it birthday, wedding, farewell or even for a regular day to turn it special. We personalize poetry that would resonate with you and the giftee and remain unique to the two of you.

In which languages do we write?

We provide our writing service in English and Tamil.

How to place an order? 

Communicate! Get in touch with us through promisingpoetry5@gmail.com right away. Tell us for whom (remember, you can gift yourself too) and by when you want the gift. 

Do we need to provide any details about the person we are gifting?

Yes, please. Provide us details regarding the giftee, the occasion and some fond memories. Don’t worry if you feel stuck. We will send you a questionnaire right after you get in touch to get an idea of what details you can provide that would help us customize better. 

Remember, it’s the finest of the details that make for impactful and perfect personalized poetry (can be letters or simple narratives too).

Sample from our recent corporate order!

How long will it take to get the gift?

Once you provide details, we fix the framework and the pricing accordingly. You can then make the advance payment after which we work upon your order and send you the first draft of the poetry (along with pictures) within 48 hours. In most cases, our customers find the very first draft itself to be perfect for finalization. But if necessary, we also provide the facility of up to two edits as per your say. This should take hardly half a day after the first draft.

By the third day from payment, your order will be ready to go for print or framing. You can then choose to have us send “a ready to print soft copy”, “a print on paper” or “a customized frame” version. Voila! You then have a unique and carefully crafted gift all your way. 

Please note that while the ready to print version is generally made available within 3-4 days into order, the frame version may take around 10 days (3 days for framing plus the shipping time). 

Just in case you had no other go than place an order at the nick of time, don’t worry, we have you covered with our “express service” with slightly higher pricing than usual. 

What about the pricing?

Well, each product is unique and most importantly customized as per the customer’s budget and preferences. That said, our costing will purely depend on the customizations you look for, say the number of verses, number of image inserts, preference of prints or frames, how early you want and of course the shipping. 

To help you get an idea, our products range from as much as ₹500 to above ₹5000 going with competitive pricing. 

In what format do I get the poetry?

At present we have 4 formats:

  • Ready-to-print: Your customized poetry will be sent to you in print-ready pdf format through your registered email id. We bet, this is the cheapest version and the most preferable version, we would say. To be honest, from our business point of view, the other formats will fetch us more profits but we prefer this format mainly to lessen the carbon print by cutting down on shipping. So yes, this is the eco-friendliest version which is also pocket-friendly for you. 
  • Video (softcopy) format: We put together customized poetry along with the pictures you give to make a beautiful video with background music of your choice and send to your registered email id or if you wish, we can send it directly to your giftee’s email id too. Again, this is eco-friendly too and much preferred.
  • Poetry on print: You get your poetry printed in A3 size sheets with a gloss or matte finish and be couriered to you.
  • Poetry on frame: Additional to the print, you get your poetry framed in a classic wooden (strictly, no glass) canvas and be shipped to you. 

What about the privacy of the information I provide?

Your privacy is much valued than our business and be assured that none of the details you provide will go beyond us. Also, without the consent of the gifter and the giftee, the finalized work will NOT be used for promotion in any of our pages for social media handles.

Some of our best and favourite works are not on our website or social media handles because we prioritize your privacy, trust, and satisfaction first than our business. 

Do you ship across the globe?

Currently, we deliver pan India only but then if you are placed abroad, you can always go for our ready-to-print or video formats.

What if I place an order and want to cancel it?

We start with your work ONLY after receiving your payment in advance(non-refundable). We DO NOT refund upon cancellation. If we are unable to deliver (never happened so) the product for any unavoidable reasons, we pay back your amount wholly. 

From our collection 🙂

Glimpse of the kind of customisations we do

Still have questions that are not covered here. What to do?

Simple, email us at promisingpoetry5@gmail.com.

Always at your service,

 Promising Poetry!