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Title: A Million Dreams

Author & Illustrator: Nazish Kondkari

Publisher: Self-published

Genre: Poetry

Type: Kindle

Price: ₹99


Imagine reading a poem that speaks directly to your heart, that acknowledges the pain and frustration you feel, and offers hope and inspiration.
Each poem has been crafted with extreme care and thoughtfulness, with the goal of offering a sense of comfort to those who read it.
It’s an emotional journey that will take you through the highs and lows of life, leaving you feeling a little bit lighter and a little more connected to your emotions and the emotions of those around you.

This eBook is not a guidebook that tells you how to break free from the chains that bind you. Instead, it is a celebration of the power of poetry to heal and inspire. To celebrate the power of you. I understand how it feels to be trapped, to feel like your dreams are out of reach. But poetry has the power to heal and inspire, to connect us with our deepest emotions and desires.

So, if you’re looking for a source of comfort and connection, let these poems do that for you. Get your copy today and allow yourself the gift of emotional comfort and understanding. You deserve it, and you know it.

Book Review

Poetry can profoundly convey deep emotions, allowing individuals to embrace vulnerability and express their innermost feelings. It serves as a powerful means to remind readers that they are not alone in their experiences. In both respects, poetry stands as a tool for expression and healing. Nazish’s poetry collection effortlessly achieves this purpose, offering solace and a path towards self-discovery.

“She could not rebel through her actions,
So she rebelled through her words.” 

The poet introduces her work with the above verses and this portrayal resonates deeply with the essence of her expression. In the forthcoming pages, Nazish eloquently portrays her yearning to live life on her own terms, juxtaposed against the limitations imposed by circumstances and societal expectations. Despite the poet’s expression of despair, each verse carries a subtle glimmer of hope that compels us to keep turning the pages.

“I smell of onions and garlic all the time,
When all I want is to smell of paint.”

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With her honest and accessible language, the poet skillfully guides us through her journey from struggle to self-discovery. Adding to the book’s allure are Nazish’s dreamy and vibrant paintings, which beautifully complement the verses—truly breathtaking.

Regrettably, the formatting of the book is a minor letdown, somewhat detracting from the overall reading experience. However, the captivating illustrations within its pages have the power to transport you to a world of dreams, more than compensating for any shortcomings.

“The curtains of solitude that discrete me from the world,
A kind of aloofness that I enjoy yet at times mither about.”

In conclusion, this book makes up for a quick and engaging read.

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