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#BlogchatterA2Z challenge and NaPoWriMo-2022

Image that reads #BlogchatterA2Z challenge + NaPoWriMo 2022- Intuitive Poetry
Poetry uses the heteronym, Barsha.
Day2 of NaPoWriMo- Barsha

“Poetry : the best words in the best order”

–Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Have you ever fallen in love so much so that the lines between reality and imagination start blurring? If so, you might know how intoxicating it can get.

Guess what, I feel like I’m on a high as I see a love story coming alive through this character, Barsha. She is a die-hard romantic at heart, a localite of the city of joy, she bubbles with joy and romance that’s contagious. Beware, she can make you fall in love in a way that you will be swept off your feet.

The chosen theme of Intuitive Poetry for the challenge #BlogchatterA2Z and NaPoWriMo is actually getting interesting. Every day, I wait for a name, a character, to come to me intuitively followed by the theme for the poetry. It then speaks to me and after the poem takes shape it feels like I have known them ever since. That’s exactly how I felt today, falling in love with their love story. And I must say I’m totally enjoying the whole process.

Today’s poem takes the form of tanka, a Japanese form of poetry that translates to ‘short song’ and is structured as 5 lines in 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count form. I was fascinated with this form since the time I saw a live session with the poet Kala Ramesh on the Blogchatter platform and I knew I had to try my hand out at this.

The significant feature of a 5-lined tanka poem is the third line which is called the “pivot” connecting the first two lines and the last two. In essence, the poem should feel complete when you read the first three lines separately or the last 3 lines separately. Tanka is an expressive form of poetry that has detailed language and vivid imagery. With this little bit of introduction, I introduce you to the next character, Barsha.

Day2-NaPoWriMo-Barsha-An Excerpt
Day2-NaPoWriMo-Barsha-An Excerpt


my stilettos smiled
as his white sneakers teased me
under the table
a love story was brewing
like the shared lattes above

the city of joy
reflected shades of blue & white
like his deep blue eyes
painting oceanic canvas
where i lose myself in love

we poured our hearts out
it then rained as love & laughter
promising future
walking in equal strides
the stilettos & sneakers smiled

Did the lines of reality and imagination blur for you, at least for a moment, as they did for me? Did Barsha’s love story come before you? Or did this bring back any of your fond memories reminding you of your own love story? Do let me know!

Fun Fact: On a totally unexpected note, Barsha did bring back some fond(winks!) memory to my husband from his past that I wasn’t a part of. Now that he had shared that memory with me, I have something to pull his legs (winks winks!!). Crazy right?!

Resource Alert: If you are crafting a poem that emphasises syllable counts/structure, then check out this syllable counter here. It’s user friendly and absolutely amazing. Check it out and thank me later!

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