Tips for crafting & editing poetry

Embrace Vulnerability and Honesty in Your Writing

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It’s important as a poet to not be afraid to explore and express your true feelings and experiences, even if they are difficult or uncomfortable. This can help create a deeper emotional connection with your readers and make your poetry more relatable and impactful. When you embrace vulnerability and honesty in your poetry, you open up the possibility for a deeper emotional connection with your readers.

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Starting from Scratch: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Poetry

Starting from scratch: A beginner's guide to writing poetryRead more

Whatever your reason for writing poetry be, know that you are not alone and every expression matters. You don’t need a degree in literature or great writing skills to pen poetry. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you how I started writing one. It is a little embarrassing for me to put it here but then if it could help you see a possibility for your own poetry-writing journey, then why not, right?

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