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Join the journey of a pillion rider as she reflects on the uncertainties of the path ahead. Though she frets over each twist and turn, a chance encounter with a young girl teaches her a valuable lesson about trust and enjoying the ride. This poem explores the transformative power of faith and the importance of finding joy in the journey.


On my journey towards my destination, 
I choose to ride pillion with care, 
selecting my rider with consideration.

Though we were certain of the stop,
the path ahead was not so clear, 
constantly changing, with each inch we hop.

As we rode, I leaned forward to see 
whether the road was bumpy or smooth, and 
whether it was wide enough to set us free.

Was there a U-turn up ahead, 
or a sign that said "divert"? 
I worried over each twist and turn with dread.

I was the nosy, pesky pillion rider, 
always fretting over the road ahead, 
uncertain of the way and getting tired.

But then I saw her, a girl of five or six, 
holding tight to her dad, with a wide grin, 
enjoying the ride and all its tricks.

She loved the starry night sky, 
and believed the moon was following her, 
full of wonder and excitement, and without a sigh.

The one thing she had that I lacked, 
was faith in the journey and where it led, 
a trust that made her smile and never look back.
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