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#BlogchatterA2Z challenge and NaPoWriMo-2022


“Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings.”

~W.H. Auden

Dear readers, thank you for all the love you shower through your reading, commenting & sharing. I must tell you that it is very much encouraging and I appreciate that you take the time to read the posts. I value your time and effort. Also, for those who connect through personal messages and email saying the poetry spoke to you and let me into your life by sharing your story, please know that I deeply value the trust you have in me and I’m grateful for that. Thank you so much:)

In fact, when I started with this series I was not sure of anything, the theme, the topic or the format. But as it unfolded one verse at a time, I knew this was meant to happen for a reason and I realised it when some of the poetries struck a chord with a few and gave them an opportunity to open up, finding my inbox to be a safe space to do so. It couldn’t have been a more rewarding experience than this to see a purpose manifest through poetry. I feel humbled.

On that note, let me introduce the next heteronym character, Joana, from my series of Intuitive Poetry Series written as part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and NaPoWriMo. Well, this poem was penned years back for a prompt that said to include the following verses:

Some day I’ll carry all my memories to sea, 
And hang them up against the wind to dry 

To be honest, I remembered penning this poem but I lost the file. I didn’t have a copy of it. I had totally forgotten about it until a week back when one of my favourite people said she wanted to read this. I was flattered to know that she remembered a few lines too. As I mentioned that I didn’t have a copy of it, she instantly took the effort to sieve through her files and shared the version of the poem that I penned first. And trust me, that was the highlight of the week. So, with just a bit of editing here and there, this poem becomes intuitive poetry with a bit of jugaad! Hope you don’t mind!

Introducing, Joana:

Day12-NaPoWriMo-Joana-An Excerpt
Day12-NaPoWriMo-Joana-An Excerpt


 As your eyes gleam 
& fluffy hair ruffles 
sporting a killer look 
in that flaming red tee 
with a neckline-V 
that you have donned  
on a blue denim-faded

 there, standing there 
right at my doorstep 
with your adam’s apple  
giving away your secret desire 
whilst your smiling lips pouting next 
sends kisses in the air

my body feels like becoming 
a vast sky 
shining with smile- lightning, 
heart- thundering, 
with the cloudy mind 
holding the weight of love gallons
 ready for a downpour 

wishing with all my might 
to extend my arms 
pull you close to me
 to rest on your chest- 
muscles chiselled- 
aptly being a cozy bed  
customized just for me, 
to get ourselves drenched 
in the rain of love


this doorstep stands to be 
our dangling destiny 
neither are you mine 
nor I’m yours… 
we are a cosmos apart 
do you hear?
we are a cosmos apart 
my dear

you know I am just the sunflower-
 a distant bloom -
dancing in the warmth of your sunshine 
and whilst distances disappear 
warmth would turn wrath 

you, my dear sunshine 
never can I wish to have you, 
never close to me 
for your flaming red 
could turn me, ashes grey 
I can just be a distant sunflower 

 that’s the destined norm 

I thus wish 
 and just wish with all my might: 
some day I’ll carry all my memories to sea, 
and hang them up against the wind to dry 

Even when the saying goes, ‘Everything is fair in love & war’, do you think it is always so? Let me know in the comments!

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I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and NaPoWriMo.

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