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#BlogchatterA2Z challenge and NaPoWriMo-2022


If there was one character that I was sure about since the start while going for heteronym characters as part of the Intuitive Poetry Series, then it has to be this character, Madalasa. I was damn sure that M is going to be Madalasa and she is going to be a mother, a highly learned and enlightened mother.

Madalasa is a character inspired by Queen Madalasa from the theMarkandeya Purana, the one whose lullaby was powered by eternal truth that would set her sons on the path towards enlightenment. In fact, her lullaby is called the Madalasa Upadesha and she was regarded high for her spiritual wisdom. Here is a link to her lullaby with English translations to it:

Madalasa’s lullaby with English translation

On that note, let me introduce you to Madalasa, the mother of the twins Harita and Navita, with this poem:

 Day15-NaPoWriMo-Madalasa-An Excerpt
Day15-NaPoWriMo-Madalasa-An Excerpt


Dear daughter,

aliveness is a virtue.
be like a plant-believe in your
coming out-
darkness is not a metaphor for death-
free yourself of fears.
go with what your
heart says.
intuition never lies.
just being also means growth, at times.
knots of your roots-untangle them.
liberate yourself from the past.
Madalasa says,
never give up.
open up to light & love.
present is the only present.
quest for truth-keep it burning.
root yourself deeply for
shoots to show up brightly
tune yourself to the music of nature,
ultimately, you'll be guided through.
value breeze & storms, equally,
ways arrive when you stay grounded-
x-factors surface through storms.
yearn to grow, yields shouldn’t bother.
zeal shall guide you to light-surrender to the sun.

Well, this is an abecedarian poem where the start of each line follows sequentially through the English alphabet.

Also, an interesting thing to note in this poem is that the character Madalasa addresses two other characters Harita and Navita, from the heteronym characters that came alive in this series of Intuitive poetries. That’s the best part of having heteronym characters; they have a life and a world of their own and draw us inside them.

Hope you enjoy getting to know each of the characters up close.

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I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and NaPoWriMo.

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