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A poem with vision

They know not
colours that we percieve-
every little colour
in their world
being just fair and unfair...

They know not
to raise a riot,
with colours
whilst choosing new cycle
 as dad offers...

They know not
to break the heart
of a smart dusky lady
as she waits with hope
to be his choice for a wedlock...

They know not
to raise an issue
plinth on colour discrimination,
as they raise high
with powers from designation...

They know not
to go green with envy
 sigh feeling blue
to earn by yellow journalism
nor to go red out of rage...

They know not
the colour of the people
changing chameleons
for their eyes deeply set
hasn't got the vision right...

They know not,
colour that we perceive-
 every little colour
in their world
being just fair and unfair...

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Author Bio

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Seethalakshmi (aka) Preethi

Homemaker, Mother, Poet, Author

Seetha is an Indian homemaker with access to pen, poetry & peace. An empath by nature with an unshakeable faith in the potential of words to hold the healing power, she customizes poetries that heal & help in bringing relationships closer. Mother to a 10-year-old, she finds joy in playing and exploring kids’ literature with her daughter, reviewing books, gardening and upcycling junk for art. 
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