Eye On You by Kanchana Banerjee- Book Review

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Myra, the protagonist, depicted as an affluent, independent woman sharing every passing moment on social media, finds herself raped in her bedroom the next morning after she throws an open house party. What ups the horror factor of the story is the fact that all those invited to the party were her friends.
The fact that this work of fiction, Eye On You, blurs the line between imagination and reality is what makes the thriller more gripping.

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Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef- Book Review

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Pinkoo Shergill is here to take you on a fantabulously yummilicious ride, treating you with his delicacies filled with ingredients of humour, love and friendship. Pinkoo, the 10-year-old boy breathes, dreams and lives for baking while his Papaji is conditioned to believe the kitchen is not for boys to step in. How Pinkoo overcomes all the hurdles to enter the Great Junior Bake-a-Thon with an unexpected surprise waiting at the end is what the story is about.

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Every Storm Brings Along a Calm, Thereafter

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While poetry in itself can have undertones, giving us various perspectives, a cento poem goes further ahead to bring on an entirely new dimension. A cento poem is nothing but a collage poem with lines picked up from other sources of poetry/prose to combine and come up with patched-up poetry. It is total fun and also challenging.

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தெளிவில் இன்பம்- தமிழ் கவிதைகள்

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வெவ்வேறு தருணங்களில் எழுதிய நாலு தமிழ் கவிதைகள் (கிறுக்கல்கள்), இன்று ஒன்று சேரும்போது புதியதோர் பரிமாணம்கொண்டு அவதரிக்கின்றன. ஏனோ தெரியவில்லை, சில தத்துவார்தங்கள் தாய் மொழியில் மட்டுமே தெளிகின்றன .

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