How to thrift like a boss

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By definition, thrifting is the careful use of money, especially by avoiding waste and thrift stores are the ones that sell used things like clothes, books, and furniture at throwaway prices. Being born in a typical middle-class, Indian family, thrifting had always been a part of our life. Just that, we didn’t know it was called so. Also, growing up we (my sibling and I) didn’t have any regrets. We eagerly fought for the hand-me-downs and also shared things happily. It has now become part of our fond memories and we have passed on the tradition to our kids.

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Happy Endings, who doesn’t look for it right? Every one of us does. But what matters is who is more resilient to wait, work and witness it come true. The author Suchita’s #BlogchatterEBook, Happy Endings, is a collection of short stories of hope and resilience.

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Intrigued by the cover page, I pick up this book only to find out the author, Shail Thosani is a lawyer by profession and a home chef out of passion. With an enticing list of 15 vegetarian recipes in the index, this book got me hooked right then. Right from the crispy bread wada to the innovative stuffed idli, it was a drool-worthy read.

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