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Sustainable Love

Love, like 
 by nature,  
takes  time
to  nurture 
 and  grow,
in  rhythm 
and  rhyme.
It starts with 
small bits,
 like scraps 
 of the heart,
then layers 
of fond care
slowly  built  up 
 in  part.
The scraps  
seemingly useless-	
too broken to mend-
blend and transcend
with patience and warmth,
into something new, rich and full of life,
a foundation for growth, amidst the toil and strife.
Like  compost  needing  air,  water, &  sun,
love  needs  care,  communication,  &  fun.
Love's to be tended, to prevent it from rot,
to  keep  it  dynamic  and  full  of  thought.
Dear, take time, with  your  love, as you do,
 with  composting, daily, a little  more anew.
   create something, that's long-lasting & true, 
  a love  that's  sustainable, and  always anew.

P.S: At the outset, my poem adhered to a standard stanza form. However, I decided to infuse some playfulness into its structure, which resulted in it taking on the shape of a garden tool – the shovel. This tool is adept at scooping, mixing, and loosening soil and other materials, much like how communication can invigorate the process of composting. Thus, I deemed it fitting to use the shovel as a symbol of the transformative power of effective communication, an essential tool in the art of love too.

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