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A poetry from a page of life

Line sketch of a dad and daughter in a motorcycle ride
Source: Vecteezy
A blend of emotions,
flashing randomly in mind,
with deeply set eyes,
gazing past every speck,
sitting behind the bars,
analyzing and introspecting,
whilst the physique bouncing-
with the pace of tallyho
my eyes still wandering,
out of the window-
 yet another bus ride!

Yet another bus ride...
with monotonous gazes
irritating stares
formal smiles and whatsoever...
with my reluctant self
pondering profound on things -
that never change,
my eyes still gazing out and...

I stopped to blink-
to capture the flash of smile...
A red giant pulsar,
speeding through its way,
accelerated by pot-bellied man
and that's not all...

It's she who sat behind
spread the cheer...

Her dress patterned with mud,
shirt-half tucked 
her hair-braided & tied up
with ribbons partially open..

She sat with bulgy bag on shoulder
claiming her to be a school girl...
her hands-
soft & tiny 
stretching out to maxim
to grasp her dad's stomach
that tummied out
beyond her tiny hands...
But still
she tried hugging tight,
with her face resting on him,
and her eyes glimmering-
out of pride and joy
with her ride with dad...

He now grasps her hands
with utmost care and love
from his front
to bring her more closer
and as her presses her palms
with his affirming touch, 

she smiles with joy,
she smiles with love,
she smiles with trust,
she smiles with pride...
and they fade through their way
leaving behind a trace of smile
as oft I reminisce this flash...

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Seethalakshmi (aka) Preethi

Homemaker, Mother, Poet, Author

Seetha is an Indian homemaker with access to pen, poetry & peace. An empath by nature with an unshakeable faith in the potential of words to hold the healing power, she customizes poetries that heal & help in bringing relationships closer. Mother to a 10-year-old, she finds joy in playing and exploring kids’ literature with her daughter, reviewing books, gardening and upcycling junk for art. 
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