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Welcome to Day 6 of #The100DayProject where I have chosen to do 100 days of #CollaborativePoetry in order to bring poetry closer to the general public. Today’s collaboration is with my tween daughter, and I guarantee this poem will make you burst out laughing. If you’re curious about all the excitement or experiencing a bit of FOMO, don’t worry. Check out the post below and join the conversation.

Before you dive into the #CollaborativePoetry for the day, here are a few things I’d like to share:

  1. The first line of the poem is written by the other person, while the second by me, and so on, alternatingly.
  2. What you see here is a raw, first draft that will undergo further editing before finding its place within the pages of a book.
  3. There is no fixed theme or title before embarking on this poetic journey. With each line, our perspectives shifts, and so does the direction of the poem. That’s the uniqueness and beauty of this #CollaborativePoetry.
  4. Every collaborator in this series comes from different backgrounds, ranging from novice to expert in writing/poetry.
  5. To add an extra layer of intrigue, for each poem, I’ll share an analysis generated by ChatGPT. This allows you to see if your understanding or perspective of the poem aligns with it or not. Remember, the beauty of poetry lies in its ability to hold multiple perspectives, all of which can be valid.

So, let’s dive into the poem of the day:

Today, I’ve teamed up with my 11-year-old daughter, Miss.M, once again to craft a comical poem, a stark contrast from the one we created at the start (read it here) of this initiative. We had a blast and laughed until our stomachs hurt while penning this poem. Honestly, it was all in good fun, with no rhyme or reason behind it. However, ChatGPT’s analysis takes it to the next level by highlighting an undertone of satire. Check it out at the end of this post. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the poem.

#The100DayProject #CollaborativePoetry #Poem6

I had once farted,
A big-bang that it started
Spread till the café in America
Ruining everyone's caffé mocha,
Making people go mad at me-
I then put on my shoes, ready to flee,
Sprinting across countries
To land in a land
Where I have no one to appease
And can fart just at ease...

ChatGPT’s Analysis of the Poem:

The poem offers a humorous and lighthearted take on a seemingly embarrassing situation—the speaker’s fart causing chaos in a café. The use of comedic exaggeration, such as describing the fart as a “big-bang” and its repercussions spreading across countries, adds to the whimsical tone of the poem.

Despite the initial embarrassment and the anger of others, the speaker decides to flee the scene, putting on their shoes and sprinting across countries to find a place where they can fart without inhibition. This journey symbolizes a quest for freedom from societal norms and expectations, where the speaker seeks refuge in a land where they feel no pressure to conform.

Overall, the poem entertains with its playful language and absurd scenario while also touching on themes of individual autonomy and the desire to break free from societal constraints. It offers a humorous commentary on human behavior and the lengths to which one might go to escape judgment and embrace personal freedom.

That’s a wrap for today! If you’re someone still on the fence, wondering if you can write poetry, or thinking that poetry is a serious affair requiring a lot of effort, then I’m sure this poem will change your perspective. It’s time to let go of your fears and have fun penning poetry.

To see your masterpiece showcased here, click here to get all the details!

Happy Poetrying!!

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