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A poem on Overcoming Failure with the Comfort of Affection

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Love’s Embrace

On a day so ordinary
When the heart bore no story
She hopped towards me
With her usual contagious glee

Our chit-chats about her day at school
Suddenly took a turn, uncool
Her bold expression turns hushed
To whispers, whilst her agony gushed

A 10-year-old shares her failure
In a tone tainted with despair 
Like her skin’s acquired the colour of shame
And every eye’s pointing her out to blame

My heart sinks as her eyes bore into mine
Hoping for hope through my words of shine
I stand there as an adult holding of a promise
In her expectant eyes, to make her feel at ease

There are faces familiar
Surrounding us, all so near
Yet in a voice quite clear
I go on to tell my stories of failure

There are stares of shock & surprise
At an adult’s success losing its disguise
Yet, I know for sure this is what she needs to hear
Of seeing failure equally as success, so dear

Tomorrow when she sees me smile
With my head held high in a confident style
Her failures will no longer fail her
As whispers would turn to hopeful chatter

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