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A Haibun on the Struggle to Let Go of the Past

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Haibun is a form of Japanese poetry that combines poetry and prose. It typically includes a prose section that provides context or elaboration, followed by a haiku poem. The haiku and prose sections are intended to complement and enhance each other. Haibun is often used to describe a personal experience or journey, and the style can be both contemplative and lyrical.

The Tug Of Nostalgia

There’s a giveaway pile in the corner of my living room —close to the door — ready yet hesitant to step out. A bunch of greeting cards that address no one in particular and are signed by no one yet the sameness and familiarity of the handwriting says it all. A handkerchief with stains let to stay. 7 handwritten letters in anonymity tucked inside the pages of the book “The Fault in Our Stars”.  Handcrafted bookmarks made from the pressed flowers collected across the city and memories shared. A black V-neck t-shirt of size M with a print of a purple ribbon that still smells of her.  

Delete her number-
a strong instinct surfaces…
Palindrome numbers

P.S: A palindrome number is a number that remains the same when digits are reversed. For example, the number 12321 is a palindrome number, but 1451 is not a palindrome number.

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