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I wonder how to pen a poem for you, 
with only a mystic web to connect us through, 
unsure if anything will hold us together, 
beyond the end of this poem or for moments further.

Can words carefully stacked one after another, 
evoke a sense of order to reach your heart's cover? 
Like nature, unassumingly creating art, 
can we bridge the space that keeps us apart?

Let's be wrapped in silent smiles, 
ignoring the distance of distracting miles,
trying, just once, to know each other,
 in the shelter of a shared universe's cover.

Maybe, when we learn the universe's language, 
with love, kindness, and harmony as the message,
 I'll know exactly what to pen in a poem for you,
 or maybe not, as we already become a poem for eternity too.

You and I, singing in silence's meters, 
dancing to life's tunes and refrains, sweet as nectars. 
You and I, becoming the rhyme and rhythm, 
breathing love for eternity, becoming each other's poem.

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