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If you are a beginner to the blogging world, wanting to earn but shy away from networking or actively using social media, then this is for you.

As bloggers, we start with the hope to be seen. We jump into blogging with the idea that our articles be read and shared instantly. But the ground reality hits hard when we see no visibility for the post for which we laboured in hours. That’s when networking comes to play.

Given the popularity of social media platforms for instant connections, shares and likes, we might think networking is not a big deal. But let me tell you that intentional and healthy networking for bloggers should mean looking beyond those Instagram connections and story shares.

One of the best and dynamic Indian platforms that connect bloggers under one roof is Blogchatter. It helps in better networking and engaging with fellow bloggers with a variety of options. There is something for everyone and you can very easily find and grow your community for better learning and for better reach, of course.

As someone who prefers listening over talking and being alone over partying, networking wasn’t my cup of tea. Also, being an ITP warrior, I’m generally not left with much energy for social media presence too. So right when I was wondering how to get into intentional networking, I chanced upon Blogchatter.

What makes Blogchatter the best bet and a personal favourite is its versatility. Not all bloggers come with the same purpose and same skill sets. While some may blog for a hobby, some do it for business or as a part of learning. While some may be good at long posts, some may steal the show with short video captures. While some bet on SEO, some swear by social media presence. Blogchatter makes every blogger feel seen and heard.

Blogchatter with its carefully crafted features always comes up with campaigns, challenges and contests that are well-curated keeping in mind the dynamism of the blogger world. This gives each blogger the freedom to have their own approach and also find their tribe.

Even if you are an introvert like me, their campaigns like Blogchatter half marathon, book review programs, reading challenge and the easiest of all blogroll submissions can help you get started with networking.

Even while being very less active, being part of the campaigns has helped with the visibility of my website. But the best part is being able to discover like-minded people and their amazing writings. Discovering different styles of writing and also posts from niches outside of ours is an added advantage exclusive of being part of the Blogchatter community.

If you are someone full time into blogging and are an extrovert with social media presence being your strength, Blogchatter’s time to time contest, Twitter threads and their most –favoured #MyFriendAlexa are something that you certainly don’t want to miss.

Well, while visibility alone can give us the boost, Blogchatter gives its community the high of earning money too. You can either choose to just read a book or read and review it; write a single guest post or pen multiple posts for a marathon; write for a cause or for the sheer joy of writing or just do it all to earn money.

The Blogchatter team knows how to bring the best to the blogger world and individual bloggers too. Being a part of the Blogchatter community has been one of my best decisions and this post would just mean my gratitude to them. (This is not a sponsored post!)

So if you are reading this and are yet to join the Blogchatter community, I must say, you are missing out on the best of the blogging world.

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