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Images of participating kids.
Our participants, engrossed in books

Quick Recap

Raising Readers is a 4 weeks long campaign to help kids develop a love for books & reading. We hope you have started the reading journey with your kid and hope the tips and resources from previous posts have helped you along. If you haven’t checked them yet, read them all here.

Good news is, even if you haven’t started yet, you still hold a chance to participate and win. Read through the post to know more.

Remember, you can get your kid started in this beautiful journey of bonding over books anytime. It’s never too late to start but to make it sustainable for a lifetime, the journey has to be made enjoyable.

To make the journey enjoyable, here are two more activities that you and your kid can enjoy doing.

Activity 4- Create Your Reading Corner

The idea here is to create a vibrant reading corner, an atmosphere where even a hyperactive kid will be attracted to explore the space and books.

You don’t have to invest in a bookshelf or buy flaunt worthy books.

Just choose a bright corner in your home. Get creative and use the things you already have at your home to stack the books (it’s ok if just 2-5 books). Have one or two of their favourite toys (don’t overdo with toys!), a small notebook and some stationery. Maybe, add some of their drawings in the backdrop and TADA, there you go with an attractive reading corner for your kid.

This is just a suggestion to get you an idea but feel free to go creative in your own ways.

The point here is when you allocate certain space for reading and stick to it, over time, when kids grow up they tend to make that space their comfort corner and settle there with a book/activity on their own.

So keep it simple and easily accessible for the kid. Make sure to send a pic of your kid exploring a book in their new cosy book corner.

Activity 5- Character Play

Though character play may sound difficult, the rules are quite easy and flexible.

Dress up your kid in their favourite character from the book they are reading and help them say a line or two from it. Smaller kids can identify objects/characters from their favourite book.

What matters is that they have fun. If your kid is fussy about dressing up, maybe make a cut out of their favourite character/object and let them hold and identify it.

Sounds simple right? Do give it a try and send us a very small video of them saying the line/identifying objects all dressed up in their favourite character.

Surprise Contest for Advanced Readers

As a surprise element, for those who approached us asking if their kids who are already into reading can participate or not, here is an exclusive contest- “Reading Is My Superpower”, for those Advanced Readers.

Reading Is My Superpower

This contest is for Advanced Readers (kids aged 8+ who are independent readers and writers).

All they need to do is write a short essay between 200-300 words on the topic “Reading Is My Superpower”, telling why they love reading books and why others (especially younger kids) should read books too.

The best 3 entries will get prizes and also be featured in our Blog.

Scan the handwritten essay and upload it in the Google form, here.

Wondering where to send your entries?

All those young readers participating in the Raising Readers Campaign, check out the contest activities (1-5) and send in your entries by the 12th of December, 2021, here in this Google form.  For your convenience, here is a checklist of what’s to be uploaded for each activity.

Contest Checklist
Contest Checklist

Participants of the Advanced Readers Contest, send your entry in the Google Form here.

So, what are you waiting for? Participate and win exciting prizes!

Happy Reading! Happy Book-Exploring!

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