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Yours truly, Seetha!

Hello there! I understand that finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. That’s why I offer customised and personalised poetry writing services to help you give a unique and heartfelt gift that will be cherished for years to come. I am here to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind poem that expresses your feelings and captures the essence of your relationship with the recipient. Whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion, I can help you create a gift that will be treasured forever.

Here are a few customized orders that gave me the opportunity to bring smiles to my customers’ faces 🙂 But then, these are just a few of those gifts for which I have got consent for publishing on our pages. Remember, none of the products is displayed without consent from the gifter and the giftee as every product is personalized and I prioritise my customer’s privacy.

So, why wait? Let’s connect and help you with a perfectly personalised poetic gift for your special one!

Gift Poetry- Get customised poetry for gifting purpose
Get customised poetry gifts for every emotion and every occasion.
For a fitter farewell!
Capturing long-distance love, in short!

The gifts we customize vary in sizes, prints and number of verses. We have also covered a wide range of emotions and customizations right from, birthday greetings, invites, get well soon card, house warming wishes, farewell keepsakes, anniversary gifts, wedding speeches, resignation letter (yes, you read it right!) and remembrance poetry.

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Guess what? Promising Poetry is the only place where you get customizations in English & Tamizh as well 🙂

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Blessings from above 🙂
Family Forever 🙂
A bonding forever!

Not just greetings, we customize invites too!

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Beauty in a birthday invite!
This unique invite is part of our history now!

Let us know, what are YOU looking for? Let’s try something newer than the newest in trends! We love challenging our creativity. Give us a chance!

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Glimpse of our customised poetry works!

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Get your customised gift today. Let us help you give your emotions and expressions inked in a poetic narration, as unique as you and your giftee. Remember, you can gift yourself too. It’s called self-care 🙂

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