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Love: as I oft reminisce
Of our primordial tryst
Ecstatic words gush out
In this form that it flows...

There at the threshold
Serenity in thy soul,
Warmth in thy heart,
Had me to stand astound...

Flashes when drops of tears
Rolled through my cheeks,
Thou dews of transparency- shared,
Kept me light at heart...

Even through euphoric days,
Joys of mine doubled,
With thine rustle, in harmony
With my whistle...

As we wander side by side,
With surety, I closed my eyes,
Perceiving thy glimmer,
To guide me through life...

Bliss is thou idyllic presence,
Whilst others leave me alone,
Thee Nature! Your eternal love-
Shall flow through my life...

Seeping through my soul:
Gushing through words of cheer,
Spreading thine exuberance,
MCC, you become my lone solace!

PS: Written in the year 2010, this poem is a dedication to my alma mater, the prestigious Madras Christian College(MCC).

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