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A must read book for those fighting autoimmune disorders and also for their support system

Wish By Spirit-Book Review
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Book details

Title: Wish By Spirit- A journey of recovery & healing from an autoimmune disease

Author: Joan Young

Genre: Autobiography/Memoir

Type: E-book

Page Count: 231

Price: Kindle edition- ₹449

Paperback- ₹1124

Blurb (as on Kindle)

After mysterious bruises appeared on her arms and each day brought a struggle to maintain the life she knew, Joan finally learned she had immune thrombocytopenia purpura, ITP. ITP is an autoimmune bleeding disorder, subjecting its victims to a lifetime struggle with low platelet counts and constant fear of bleeding to death, or so Joan was led to believe. After seven failed treatments, the additional health problem they created, and a platelet count that hovered near zero, she began her own search for a cure.

She experimented with vitamins, herbs, energy medicine, and took a deep look into her soul to discover ways to heal her sense of self. Joan’s journey from diagnosis to remission lasted 18 months. The insights into her life, the healing practices she learned, and her spiritual shift changed her life forever. Reading this book could change yours.

Book Review

Wish by Spirit by Joan Young, is more than just being an account of her journey of recovery from an autoimmune disorder. This book brings a total shift in the mindset moving from self-pity to self-introspection to self-healing to self-empowering.

As much as this book has dealt with treating external symptoms, it has also equally dealt with doing the inner work. Thus this book can appeal to anyone who is going through chronic health issues and go for a holistic approach towards health and healing.

If there is one quote that can sum up the gist of this book, then it would be this:

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


If you or anyone you know of is going through chronic illness or an autoimmune disease, then this book makes for a must-read. While the autoimmune disease is believed to have “no cure”, this book comes in like a breath of fresh air giving hope and a roadmap to all the possibilities of healing and living a quality life.

It also makes a must-read for the patient’s support system to gain an insight and understanding of what it takes and how much time and energy it takes in their battle against the illness.

Apart from the mention of allopathy medications and treatments, Joan has written down comprehensively about alternative medicine, energy healers, etc. This gives us a clear insight on having a holistic approach towards health and focusing on aspects like lifestyle changes, diets, working on our inner self, etc.

Author’s writing style

It could have been easy for anyone undergoing a health crisis to fall into victim mode and write from the perspective of self-pity. But what makes Joan’s writing style distinct and outstanding is that she writes from an objective view, with a tone of empathy and lots of hope.

Her writing is lucid, honest and has the potential to get you out of your comfort zone, ask yourself the tough but necessary questions, for the onset of your journey towards healing.  

Wrap up words

This book makes for a must-read for those going through critical illness and their support system. Even otherwise too this makes for a great read, as this book changes our perspective towards health for the better and helps us implement necessary changes for better health, physical, mental and spiritual.

Also, a must-read book for those fighting ITP and also for their support system

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