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In the hidden depths of the womb's cocoon,
A soft bundle of pink begins to bloom,
Nurtured in darkness, yet longing for light,
Crying for that first breath, held close to mother's sight.

An uninvited intruder, a pearl in a shell,
Nourished in confinement, in solitude to dwell,
Emerging polished, shining with glee,
A treasure for all, in a jeweller's gallery to be.

A wanderer caterpillar, seeking to transform,
Digesting self, in a cocoon it will conform,
Hanging upside down, a colourful shroud,
Emerging winged, a bewitching butterfly, proud.

Uncertain of a start anew,
Journey of transformation, through and through
A fresh avenue, sought out by few,
For goodbyes can be hellos too.
22420cookie-checkGoodbyes Can Be Hellos Too- A Poem
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