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Redemption by the Coast- A love poem

Being a single mother by the day, 
A stripper by night, with no other way, 
My life felt mechanical and cold, 
With no room to let my emotions unfold.

The ticking of the clock kept me on track, 
But my heart's song I failed to keep in track. 
The stripping tore me apart every day, 
I felt like a machine with nothing to say.

Then came a man who proved me wrong, 
Listening to my stories all along. 
He didn't care about my past or my tears, 
Only that he could father my little dear.

He held my hand firmly but with a gentle touch, 
Making me feel like I deserved love this much.
 For once, my heart sang a different tune, 
And I forgot the tick-tock rhythm so soon.

We walked along the coast, away from the night, 
And for the first time, everything felt just right. 
Behind a wrecked catamaran, we took our rest, 
My skin felt his touch, and my heart felt blessed.

My eyes sparkled with tears of pure joy, 
As I looked into his eyes, like a starry sky.
 I wanted to whisper a secret to his lips, 
To let him know of my passionate grips.

As the wind blew against his face,
 I yearned for his kisses, with an intense pace. 
And when I looked at him again, 
His lips were tinted with fuchsia, like mine then.
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