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A poem on thrifting

How to thrift like a boss- A poem on thrifting
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By definition, thrifting is the careful use of money, especially by avoiding waste and thrift stores are the ones that sell used things like clothes, books, and furniture at throwaway prices. Being born in a typical middle-class, Indian family, thrifting had always been a part of our life. Just that, we didn’t know it was called so. Also, growing up we (my sibling and I) didn’t have any regrets. We eagerly fought for the hand-me-downs and also shared things happily. It has now become part of our fond memories and we have passed on the tradition to our kids.

Thrifting is not just about cost cutting but it’s about valuing what we receive and the emotions behind it. Thrifting has been cool since ages. Here’s a poetic rendition for the Blogchatter campaign #ThriftingIsCool. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Time to get nostalgic with this sweet dedication to my sista!

How to thrift like a boss

1.	Start early. Learn the art 
early on. Steal
    from your sibling’s closet
                and call it thrifting-
even better- call it savings!
Your parents will be proud
whilst your sibling may frown.

2.	I bet, your sibling’s stares help
you grow a thick skin, over the years
     prepping to perfect the art 
          of thrifting. Cajole them. 
Pay them in praise. Tell them 
their taste is better
      than yours. I do. It works. 
Soften their frowns with flattery. Earn 
     the key to their heart closet. 

3.	Now that your foundations 
are laid strong, get out 
of your comfort zone. Go 
       thrifting in your local shops.
(Mind you, no stealing; 
shop owners are no siblings!)
Wear something between cheap
     and chic. Don’t let your class seep
through your clothes; it helps 
to sieve through all price ranges. 

4.	Walk in like the owner but befriend
    the staff with a fond grin. Take your
sibling along if need be to remind 
yourself of your confidence. Patience
      is a virtue- practise it!

5.	Scan through the shelves as if 
they were your lover’s heart. Seek 
       their secrets. Do they speak to you 
           in silence, profound? Seek! Know!

6.	Pick the piece that speaks from 
its seams. Feel it. Do they invoke
the tenderness of your lover’s foreplay
or prick like their pretentious phiz?

Rub it gently across your soulful skin. 
Does it smell of an exotic fragrance
    foreign to you or a rustic smell, familiar? 
Does it make you feel alien or give you 
          the comfort of home?

7.	Forget there’s anyone around. Forget 
the tags of trends or class upon you 
     or the clothes. Forget you are you. 
Listen to your soul’s singing. Has it made
friends with the seams or its seamless fabric?
Make your choice. 

If confusion prevails, eye on
        the piece that your sibling might have
picked without much thought. After all, 
you know what makes you feel at home!

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