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 Accept it!
 it’s in your
 every night dreams
 revealing romanticisms
 lustful longings
 hushed hopes
 to wake up with her
 every dawn,
 & by the day
 as she comes to you,
 you look upon her
 like a mistress 
 walking down in wild nakedness 
 heralding a reveal
 of your deepest secrets
 and you,
 you stand puzzled
 in denial…
 in denial of 
 her power
 her intensity
 her valiance
 her grandeur
 her eternity
 you stand puzzled
 in denial 
 cursing your zipped lips
 & locked desires 
 calling it all barmecidal,
 deceiving the damsel
 as a damage to your dignity
 as you see through 
 the filtered screen 
 of egoism
 of eroticism
 of chauvinism
 missing out on all the essence
 worth the eternity…
 dear man,
 you belittle yourself
 caught in the maze 
 of a mocking illusion
 dear man,
 as she walks away tonight
 her profound gaze
 promises you of a reveal-
 the triumphant truth 
 if only,
 if only you wake up to
 become the sunlight…
2110cookie-checkIf Only You Wake Up To Become the Sunlight
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