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What if promising poetry had a voice and spoke to you?

Have you ever wondered what does poetry mean? What makes for promising poetry? Does poetry have a song of its own to sing? A story of its own to stay?

Well, we have all grown up reciting rhymes, chanting shlokas, singing prayers, listening to songs and experimenting with our own verses, and maybe part of education or as part of our faith or simply to have fun. But least did we know that we were all experiencing, appreciating and learning poetry in its various forms since our formative years. Poetry has been a part of our lives in some way or the other though it might be only a few who consciously seek solace in poetry and appreciate it. So, what makes a piece of writing poetry? Is it the rhyme or rhythm? The brevity or the allegory? Is it music or mysticism? What makes a piece of writing poetry? Can poetry even be defined precisely?

Fluidity of poetry

Well, poetry is the fluidity with solid substance to it. Honest poetry flows even while its essence stays forever. Poetry can mean protest and peace at the same time. Like energy, poetry can neither be created nor destroyed. Poetry just happens. The truth that it carries, the emotions it holds happen as revelations in every poet’s first drafts. The poet is just a medium, a mere tool allowing the revelation to see the light of this world. And that first draft, with all its nakedness and vulnerability, is the essence of the poem. THAT IS POETRY. The rest of the editing and polishing is mere crafting.

Crafting Poetry?

I’m sure the poet in you will agree to call the first draft sacred and hold close the time and moment the revelations happen. But does that mean editing will make the piece any less of poetry? Definitely not. It just makes the truth more presentable, even if it’s as hard as hitting a nail on the head. In fact, poetry is a beautiful way of holding the truth in its various manifestations from time to time, be it in its allegories or metaphors. This mysticism and revelations that poetry has always had made me seek poetry in the first place.

A seeking, a solace

Promising Poetry is an attempt at appreciating various aspects of poetry and a place to let my poetic expressions live and thrive. Poetry for me is a seeking and solace. Here is one such poem, ‘The Song of a Promising Poetry’, that happened as a revelation and comes here with the least editing. What if poetry has a voice? What is it that it wants to tell you? I hope this poem talks to you as much as it spoke to me. Maybe it gets to say a totally different story when you read and it’s ok too, for that is what poetry is meant to be. Feel free to interpret in your own way. I hope you enjoy reading it and hearing what it has to say to you, secretly.

The Song Of A Promising Poetry

 i’m the mistaken music
 of your first cry—
 miracle they say
 but i am the sleep
 that you just woke up from
 with a cry—
  an interlude 
 echoing cacophony
 i'm the silence of the soul
 the melody 
 the melancholy
 the mysticism 
 the marvel
 i’m no miracle
 my Master is.
 i’m the sleep
 that you lost
 in the clamor of conviction
 ugly glamour 
 that can’t conceal
 dark circles of ignorance
 i’m the voice of voiceless
 parched throat 
 draining dilemma
 drowning dream
 deserted death
 i’m the harbinger of hope
 i’m the symphony of syllables
 stringed in silence—
 a gut’s guide
 a survivor’s scream
 the triumphant truth—
 a spandex stitched
 of spontaneity
 taking the shape of your soul
 like amoeba—
 a single entity
   i’m my Master’s make
 His ego & slave
 symbol of surrender
 i’m the source & sink
 of fountaining freedom
  unfathomable faith
 faint hearted—
 fade away

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