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A guide book on parenting tweens by Jyoti Kaur

PC: ©Blogchatter | EBook by Jyoti Kaur
PC: ©Blogchatter | EBook by Jyoti Kaur

“The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult.”


While there are so many books out there on raising toddlers, handling teens and self-help books for adults, tween literature didn’t get much attention. The term tween in itself may surprise many thinking that it is just teen misspelt. Well, let me get it clear right away. While teen refers to kids in the age group 13-18 years, tween refers to the age group 10-12 years.

Parenting tween by Jyoti Kaur bridges that gap present in tween literature and makes for a resourceful guide for the parents raising tweens.

Being a parent of a tween I had the urge to pick up this book instantly. I was assured a few pages into the book that the author has written honestly from her parenting experience and not some random theoretical piece of writing. The book is a practical guide on parenting tweens and it just spoke to me at different levels.

The book is organised, and the chapters are arranged in a manner such that it flows effortlessly. The titles are intriguing as well as indicative of what to expect; a balancing act, I would say.

Starting from defining a “tween” with the typical changes they go through physically, mentally & emotionally, this book held my attention right from the start. All along I was just nodding my head in affirmation of the author’s words.

It can be difficult in understanding the sudden mood swings, changes in interests, dressing style and communication patterns in tweens and parents need to be aware and ready for these changes to avoid conflicts with them. This book allows parents to be prepared to help their tweens understand themselves and sail through this phase smoothly.

What I liked best about the writing is that it isn’t preachy and is more like a fellow parent, a friend, sharing her parenting journey which makes the book more authentic.

I’m sure one look of the contents of the book (pic below) will give you enough reason to download the book immediately if you haven’t done it already.

Contents of the book “Parenting Tweens” by Jyoti Kaur

All the chapters have a strategic approach with crisp conclusions and actionable points. The chapters on standing up to bullies and understanding cyber-bullying are a must-read. I feel more empowered (really, if you know how it feels handling a tween!) and less anxious about the parenting journey after reading this. A must-read for every parent of tweens.

Only an empowered parent can raise an empowered kid. So, to grab a free promotional copy of the eBook, click here.

“Remember you are not managing an inconvenience. You are raising a human being.”

~Kittie Franz

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