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Sleepytime Tales with Coco Comma-Book Review

Book details

Title: Sleepytime Tales with Coco Comma

Author: Sonia Mehta

Illustrator: Sunayana Nair

Cover Design: Quadrum

Genre: Fiction

Recommended Age: 5+

Type: Paperback

Page Count: 78

Price: ₹250


Coco Comma is an English language ace. She keeps interrupting and correcting the townsfolk’s English, annoying everyone. With her nose buried deep in a book, she often walks into objects and bangs into people and furniture. Along with her best friend Sunny, Coco creates ridiculous rhymes, alliterates impossible sentences, uses hilarious idioms, and even encounters a magical alphabet tree!

Book Review

We received this book as part of the Blogchatter’s Book Review Program and my 10-year-old just dived into the book and finished it in a matter of minutes. Here’s what my 10-year-old had to say about the book:

This delightful book follows the adventures of a young girl named Coco Comma, who shares my love for reading! While I am a fast reader, Coco is more interested in speaking proper English and correcting those who don’t. She’s confident in her abilities and considers herself the town’s English expert. However, her love for books sometimes causes her to bump into things and people.

This book is comprised of four engaging stories that explore the use of rhyming words, alliterations, and idioms. Each story presents these language tools in an entertaining and accessible way, making it easy for readers to learn and understand them.

The stories in this book take place in a charming town filled with unique characters such as the comical twins Tilly and Trixie, the quirky Mr Tuktuk, and the funny Mrs Tippytoe. The names of these characters are just as amusing as their personalities, making the book a joy to read.

Coco’s loyal best friend, Sunny, stands out in the book as he is always there to support Coco. My favourite part of the book is when Coco and Sunny catch a rhyming bug, and they spread the fun and excitement to everyone they meet.  It’s a fun and engaging read that I’m sure many young readers will enjoy.

The book’s illustrations, done by Sunayana Nair, are vivid, colourful, and comical, bringing the characters and town to life. The expressive illustrations perfectly capture the unique personalities of each character, and I especially loved the cleverly crafted facial expressions. Overall, the illustrations added an extra layer of enjoyment to an already delightful book.

In my opinion, this book is very relatable, especially for bookworms like myself. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story and wants to learn more about the importance of proper language usage, rhyming words, alliterations and idioms with a dose of fun.

Here are a few points from my side:

  • This book brilliantly blends bewitching tales and beneficial knowledge, making it a beguiling read for budding brains.
  • The stories tenderly touch upon timeless truths without being tiresome or trite.
  • The author’s clever wordplay captivates children and doesn’t miss a beat.
  • The colourful illustrations are a cornucopia of creativity for curious kids.
  • The typesetting is top-notch and tailored to tiny tots taking their first steps in reading.

Did you notice what just happened? The book’s essence has rubbed off on my writing as well!

Wrap up words

Overall, this book strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and education. It would make a great addition to any language teacher’s suggested reading list, particularly for introducing children to idioms, alliteration, and rhyming words.

If there’s one suggestion I could make, it would be to lower the price of this 78-page illustrated chapter book, or offer it at a discounted rate for libraries and schools, so that more children can access this wonderful book.

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