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Book Review: Kolam Kanna
Book Review: Kolam Kanna

Book details

Title: Kolam Kanna

Author: Vibha Batra

Illustrator: Jemma Jose

Genre: Fiction/Children’s book

Type: Paperback

Page Count: 124

Price: ₹250


The exciting Kolam Kondattam Kontest is right around the corner. And Bharathi can’t wait to participate and show off, er, showcase his creative skills. Encouraged by his friends, Tabassum and Alagu, he registers for the contest (with a ‘k’).

Alas, the Residents’ Welfare Association, led by the fearsome Mrs Subramaniam, won’t hear of it. The contest is open only to the residents of Pravin’s Paradiso Apartments. And while Bharathi hangs out at the apartments all the time, he’s not exactly-technically-actually a resident.

Now it’s up to Bharathi to hatch an ingenious plan. Will he be able to get around the rules, get past the building bullies and get a shot at his dream?

Book Review

Once again, Vibha Batra defies gender stereotypes through her writing in the delightful book “Kolam Kanna,” crafted for middle graders. With her signature style, she presents a fun-filled and effortlessly readable narrative that challenges conventions.

The story begins by immediately seizing your attention with a thought-provoking question: “How do you catch a tiger?” What ensues is an even more captivating and mysterious response. With this intriguing beginning, the author introduces us to Bharathi, a middle-grade boy from a modest family, whose extraordinary talent for crafting kolams infuses life into what he captures in it. While Tabassum and Alagu, his close friends, readily recognize and support his exceptional talent for creating kolams, much like his mother does, many others in his vicinity find it peculiar and cling to their stereotypical biases.

Furthermore, as excitement builds for the Kolam Contest announced within Pravin’s Paradiso Apartments, where Bharathi’s mother is employed and his friends Tabassum and Alagu reside, Bharathi is brimming with hope and dreams. However, his enthusiasm is short-lived as he discovers that the competition is exclusively for the apartment’s residents. The rest of the story unfolds to answer whether Bharathi can overcome this obstacle and fulfil his dream by participating in the contest.

What my 11-year-old and I found particularly delightful was the robust camaraderie between Bharathi and his friends, coupled with their individual quirks. Their humorous pranks added an extra layer of amusement, enhanced by the author’s engaging writing style.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the tiny kolams adorning each chapter title and eagerly engaged in trying to replicate them. Additionally, she found great delight in the incorporation of Tamil words and phrases within the story.

Wrap up words

The cover illustration by Jemma Jose is captivating, and the black-and-white illustrations within the book add a touch of humour while enhancing the storyline. I wholeheartedly recommend this engaging tale, written in simple language, to middle graders, especially those who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books.

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