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8 Confessions Revealing My Bookish Secrets

Let’s dive into some of my most personal bookish confessions. These revelations will give you a sneak peek into my one-of-a-kind connection with the world of books. So, grab a comfy seat, and let’s explore the quirks and peculiarities that make my reading journey a bit different. While I may not have followed the crowd when it came to classic novels or popular series, my unique experiences and idiosyncrasies in the world of literature have shaped my own delightful adventure.

Skipping the Classics

I must admit that I have never read the famous fiction books that many of my peers grew up with, such as The Famous Five, Nancy Drew, or The Secret Seven. My literary journey took a different path, and I’ve never quite stepped into their well-trodden pages.

Not a Potterhead (yet!)

I am not a Potterhead either. While the world was enchanted by the magical adventures of Harry Potter, I found myself drawn to different stories and worlds. Sometimes, being outside the mainstream can feel like a world of its own.

The Picture Book Predicament

On occasions, I’ve found myself purchasing picture books not for my daughter or as gifts for children but for my own personal enjoyment. There’s something enchanting about the illustrations and simplicity of these books that speaks to my inner child.

The Wordy Poetry Hack

When I encounter writer’s block while crafting personalized poetry gifts for clients, I turn to a peculiar trick. I select a book from my shelf, open it randomly, and choose a word from the first line. This word becomes the catalyst for my creative process. Sometimes it leads to poetry; sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, it helps me overcome the block.

The Mix-and-Match Reader

Unlike many readers who prefer to immerse themselves in one book at a time, I find myself constantly switching between different genres and stories. It’s as if I can’t resist the allure of multiple literary worlds simultaneously.

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The Eclectic Taste

While my daughter’s book collection is often in high demand among her friends, mine doesn’t enjoy the same popularity. It appears my taste in literature, which encompasses non-fiction, poetry, spirituality, and even mathematics (an unusual combination, I admit), is somewhat unique.

Emotional Resonance Over Names

More often than not, I find myself forgetting the names of characters or places in the plot. However, what I remember with remarkable clarity is how the book evoked specific emotions during my reading journey and the circumstances surrounding my immersion in its pages.

The Mysterious Connection

To add a final layer of intrigue, my bookshelf harbours books I haven’t completed and others I haven’t even started. Yet, books have a way of communicating with readers in mysterious ways. Some books remain dormant on my shelf for years, only to be rediscovered when the timing is just right, making them feel entirely new and inviting me to finish what I once started.

So, there it is- my bookish confessions. In sharing these personal revelations, I hope to show that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to reading. We all have our idiosyncrasies when it comes to books, and that’s what makes the world of literature so rich and diverse. Embrace your unique reading style, and you may find that books have their own way of speaking to you, too.


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