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Glimpse of our participants-Happy Readers!
Our priceless participants- Happy Readers!

There’s a general belief that if you do a task consistently for over 21 days in a row, it becomes your habit. The raising Readers Campaign was conceptualized with that idea and went on as a four weeks long campaign.

The first 3 weeks were to build the habit of reading among kids that incorporated various books related activities and the last week was for reflection & feedback.

A big kudos to all the parents who invested their time to introduce books to their kid(s). It’s almost next to impossible to raise a reader without the involvement of a parent/caretaker. So, to all the parents who participated actively in this campaign & gifted the joy of reading to your kid(s), you have my heart!

That said, if you are one of those parents who couldn’t make time for reading for your kid, please try doing so over the weekends or during vacation time. Take it slow yet steady.

I bet, books can help you have healthy and open conversations with your kid on taboo topics like gender bias, racism, adolescence, puberty, etc. all at ease, over the due course of bonding over books.

For some additional motivation, have a look at what these two Advanced Readers had to say:

Also, do not miss out to check out these adorable videos on our channel, under the playlist “Raising Readers Campaign”.

Here’s a glimpse of what the parents of our participants had to say!

Image on Parents' Feedback on the Raising Readers Campaign
Parents’ Feedback

Raising Readers is a journey and we have, together, taken our baby steps. In the months to come, there will be posts on book reviews, recommendations and reading activities. So stay tuned!

Thank you for your support and feedback. Let’s raise readers together!

A page of reading a day, keep ignorance at bay!

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