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I thought poetry was complex until I started to try understanding and identifying myself. Who am I? Do I know myself completely? I don’t think so but I’m sure I’m at least at it, trying to know. And I understand it’s ever-evolving. So here is my reflection poetry on my identity.

My first try with oil painting!

I was born in Chennai. Spent the first 6 years in Orissa. Shifted to Chennai again-childhood, teenage & higher education happened here. Marriage happened & moved to Pune. Life happened. The change took over. Here in Bangalore for the past 3 years. Am I a wanderlust? I says, neti neti.

I nest in numbers. Topology interests me. Taylor’s series terrifies me and yet I teach both. Math amuses me. Fractals find my friendship. Am I a mathematician? I says, neti neti.

I cook meals. Budget buys. Parlour papaya-peels pack. Dust doors. Scrub sinks. Wash whites & clothes colored. Am I a homemaker? I says, neti neti.

I help with homework. Tailor her timetable. Take to skates. Say stories. Share secrets. Play puddles. Dress dolls. Dream days. Nestle nights. Hug & hear. Kiss & care. Am I a mother? I says, neti neti.

I grow greens. Climbers. Creepers. Cultivate. Prune. Protect. I compost. Maintain maggots & enrich earthworms. Creepy crawlies come and go. I care for caterpillars. Behold butterflies. Water or wait for rain. Weed. Watch wandering jew grow. Am I a gardener? I says, neti neti.

I bleed. Bruises border. Platelets plummet. Purpura paints. Identify ITP. Fight fatigue. Survive steroids. Track tiredness. Deny death. Am I a warrior? I says, neti neti.

I pen poetries. Read rhapsodies. See similes. Mean metaphors. Pursue passion. Reveal reflections. Am I a poet? I says, neti neti.

I weave words. Personalize poetries. Bridge bonding. Exhibit empathy. Engineer expressions. Craft craziness. Customize cards. Sell stanzas. Experiment. Earn. Am I an entrepreneur? I says, neti neti. I says, neti neti.         

I says, neti neti.           

Who is I then?                            

A human being?        

A being?        





P.S. The phrase neti neti (नेति नेति) is a Sanskrit expression which means ‘not this, not that’ and has its roots in the Vedic Upanishads.


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