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A Cookbook by Shail Thosani

PC: ©Blogchatter | EBook by Shail Thosani
PC: ©Blogchatter | EBook by Shail Thosani

Food is our common ground. A universal experience.

~ James Beard

Intrigued by the cover page, I pick up this book only to find out the author, Shail Thosani is a lawyer by profession and a home chef out of passion. With an enticing list of 15 vegetarian recipes in the index, this book got me hooked right then. Right from the crispy bread wada to the innovative stuffed idli, it was a drool-worthy read.

With simple yet drool-worthy recipes, this handy EBook has recipes that are beginner-friendly. All the recipes come with detailed step-by-step instructions with necessary bonus tips here and there.

Also, the recipes are made with commonly available ingredients and cooking utensils easily available in an Indian kitchen. Also, each recipe is accompanied by a picture of the dish so you know what to expect before starting to cook.

There is a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and most of the recipes can be had any time of the day, like the broccoli paratha or the masala bhakri.

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The potato fingers, quinoa patties and stuffed idli are going to be sure hits amongst kids. There are also easy-to-make dessert recipes like chocolate fudge ice cream, rava mango cake, etc to satiate your sweet tooth.

What I loved about the book is the clear step-by-step instructions and neat presentation. I would have loved to see more recipes though. Also not to forget, if you are looking for non-vegetarian recipes then you will be disappointed. But I’m sure the spicy veg recipes will make up for the disappointment though.

P.S. My hand is itching to try the potato fingers, stuffed idli, rava mango cake and broccoli masala, right away!

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