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An uplifting fiction by Suchita Agarwal

PC: ©Blogchatter | EBook by Suchita Agarwal
PC: ©Blogchatter | EBook by Suchita Agarwal

“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

~Orson Welles

Happy Endings, who doesn’t look for it right? Every one of us does. But what matters is who is more resilient to wait, work and witness it come true. The author Suchita’s #BlogchatterEBook, Happy Endings, is a collection of short stories of hope and resilience.

The 5 stories are titled after the protagonists of each story and I must say that each one of them is so different. The character sketches of each one of them are so unique and mind-blowing with the only common thread between them being their strength to fight their battles, relentlessly.

While it is easier for each one of us to get lost in the failures or the battles of life, this book comes as a ray of hope to always look for the light at the end of tunnel.

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I must confess that I’m not much of a fiction reader but the early reviews of the book gave me a feeling that the stories and the characters may give a sense of real life than an imaginary one and I was right in my guess. What spoke to me much is the hardships that the characters face looked so real and one can very much relate to them. That instantly evokes a sense of empathy for them and knowingly or unknowingly we start being a part of their journey and I guess that’s where the victory of the author’s writing lies.

Be it Sameera’s fight against cancer, Mayank’s struggle to get out the rut of his mid life crisis, Avantika’s search for purpose in life, Urmilla’s reflections aftermath her sister’s death or Pranjal’s coping up through a psychological disorder, each one is a story of victory with a happy ending. The best of the book is its uniqueness in its characters, plots and the conflicts. They are so diverse and hats off for that.

The writing, the choice of words are sure to make you introspect and reflect your own journey too. Here are some of my favourite lines:

What does the sea mean to you?

Who knew? Maybe the future.

But you did choose this life.
She grimaced, “That doesn’t mean I can’t hate it from time to time.”

What is real? How does one define it? Do you define real by what you can see?

“Happy Endings” definitely makes for a great read that is sure to help you strongly resolve to seek the happy ending of your lives. I hope you find your way too 🙂

P.S. I absolutely loved the neat and intriguing cover page of the book!

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