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Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef- Book Review

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Pinkoo Shergill is here to take you on a fantabulously yummilicious ride, treating you with his delicacies filled with ingredients of humour, love and friendship. Pinkoo, the 10-year-old boy breathes, dreams and lives for baking while his Papaji is conditioned to believe the kitchen is not for boys to step in. How Pinkoo overcomes all the hurdles to enter the Great Junior Bake-a-Thon with an unexpected surprise waiting at the end is what the story is about.

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The Need for Book Reviews

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Book reviews are meant to help you find the right book that can find answers to your seeking (be it joy, knowledge, curiosity or truth). It also helps as a bridge between authors and readers without compromising on each other’s purposes.

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